One comment on “What Goes With Voter Suppression – Voter Fraud….Of Course!

  1. Hi Mike,
    For a stranger it’s a lot of text about voters fraud; will it be read by your fellow Americans? Are there more forms of information for people, like tv, radio and papers that could be used? Voters fraud; It’s an affront that’s unthinkable in my small country.
    When I think about it, i’m getting angry because to me everybody has to have a chance to make his own choices. Getting angry, especially, when it touches people with less influences (mostly the poor and coloured people.) To me, in the US of A, “the Home of the Free”, the voters fraud is a conduct that noone should/could expect.

    I’m touched by the information and here in the Netherlands it is at this moment a topic on the newsnetwork; last night there was an item on tv about this horrible conduct of rightwingers in the USA.
    I hope that your information will reach many Americans.

    Kind regards

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