One comment on “Forty Years Ago Today – Apr/May/Jun Album Releases

  1. Hi Mike,
    Nice releases from 1974; in the Netherlands some of them were rather or less unknown, like Blue Oyster Cult and America.

    Your blog from today recollects all kinds of memories;
    Sweet Home Alabama among others was some of the special songs that, at the age of 24, made me swing fullspeed at Friday- and saturdaynight, all jeans, long hair and a great feeling of endless freedom.
    From 1972 to 1976 I, as a slow-starter, entered university (social studies); I had a lot of time, many friends and lots of all kind of music (from Bad Company, Beach Boys and Beatles to Genesis, Van Morrison, Yes and ZZ Top and yes….also some classical music: Vivaldi, Albinoni, Mozart etc.).

    Thank you for these releases.

    Your friend Gerard

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