3 comments on “Long Song Tuesday #34 – Mountain Jam

  1. Love this song. A couple of things that may be of interest:

    (1) It’s called Mountain Jam because it’s based on the song There Is a Mountain by Donovan. He’d be best described as a hippie folkie. Listen to the song and you can hear the melodies that the Brothers used as a starting point:

    (2) You mentioned that this is from the Fillmore concerts. On my vinyl copy of Eat a Peach, purchased way back when, at the end of Mountain Jam you hear the beginning of the bass riff that starts Whipping Post (the last song on the At Fillmore East album). That part was edited out on my CD copy of Eat a Peach. So they played the two songs back to back at the Fillmore. Wish I could have been there.

    • Hi Mister STAP,
      Thanks for reading the blog and for leaving your comment. I had read that the jam was based on a Donovan song but had never listened to it so your embedded video was much appreciated.

      Your second point is intriguing. On my vinyl copy of Live at Fillmore East you can hear the opening melody of Mountain Jam at the end of Whipping Post which always made me think that Mountain Jam followed Whipping Post. Very strange!

      I hope you keep reading the blog and look forward to future comments.


  2. You may be right about Whipping Post preceding Mountain Jam on the vinyl. It’s been so long since I listened to the vinyl I could have it backwards. I do know that the album was put together from 4 concerts the Brothers played at the Fillmore in March 1971. I switched to CDs 20 years ago and haven’t listened to vinyl too often since then, I’ll have to get that album out …

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