2 comments on “Long Song Tuesday #16/Album of the Week #3

  1. i was also at that lynyrd skynyrd concert at birmingham’s rickwood field in 1976. i too remember the power being turned off. my date and i left the stadium and we heard them continuing to play without power so we climbed onto the fence to watch. the only thing different is i remember it still being daylight instead of 11 pm

    • Hi Tammy,

      It’s very cool that you also saw Skynyrd at Rickwood Field. I think they played there multiple times in the mid-70s so it might not have been the same show.

      I’m absolutely certain that Skynyrd closed the show the night I saw them. It was an all day concert and was scheduled to start around lunch with a relatively new group, Journey, that I was looking forward to seeing because it had been started by Neal Schon and Greg Rolie (note: Steve Perry had not joined the group yet). When I arrived, Journey was all set but was not allowed to play due to the rain. Their stage setup was very colorful/psychedelic but they never got to play a single note. The rain delays had a ripple effect through the whole schedule which is why Skynyrd started so late.

      Having said all of that, I will admit that I might be off on the year of the concert. My memory was that it was 1976 but after doing some online research I found other folks remembered the concert as happening in different years. For example, here’s a post (http://high-street.org/viewtopic.php?id=8138) where someone remembered the concert has happening in 1977. We’re all getting old and they say the memory is the second thing to go…at this point I can’t remember what the first one is :-). I saved a lot of my concert ticket stubs but have been unable to locate the one in question.

      Anyway….thanks so much for reading the blog. I look forward to getting future comments.


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