2 comments on “Album of the Week #2 – American Idiot (Dedicated To Mitt Romney)

  1. Mike,
    I never heard of Green Day; listening to American Idiot was a mere surprise to me. Since yesterday evening when i had to make a long ride i’ve listened to the full album and i like it very much.
    Cheers and thank you

    • Gerard, I am glad you liked American Idiot from Green Day! It is truly a great album. You might also want to check out their most recent album called 21st Century Breakdown. I didn’t like it as much as American Idiot but it is still great.

      On a different topic, I am thinking about doing a post about Focus, a group that I liked when I was in High School. I am pretty sure they are from the Netherlands and am curious whether you liked them.

      Thanks for the comment and for being a faithful reader of the blog.

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