One comment on “Two’fer Tuesday – Neil Young’s Most Creative Day Ever

  1. Hee Mike,

    Thank your friendship and your attention and especially for Neil Young and his song Cowgirl in the sand; you almost give me too much credits (I’m a humble Dutchman 🙂 )
    I never had a good look at your “likes”, but today I discovered that you’re, like me, a fan of I am fuel, you are friend… Have you payed attention to Admiral Fallow and their song “Isn’t this world enough” ?
    Both text and music i like very much and here in Holland this is applicable to our financial system; another big bank almost fell (and has been nationalized) and the big boys have (as usual) payed much attention to their own bank accounts and not to the people’s needs. So I thought that the text of Admiral Fallows songs is applicable to those big shots.

    In a short while I will send you some music from a dutch band, called Rowwen Heze; I think that their music resembles in a way the music of Admiral Fallow.


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