One comment on “The Republican Party Is Full Of Racist

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    “Republicans are undoubtedly racist, and it’s disgusting. President Obama looks out for the American people, while Mitt Romney is concerned with the haves. As a low-income college student, I depend on a President who supports education, taking care of the environment, and most importantly, one who treats all humans with dignity and respect. President Obama got my vote because of his commitment to providing healthcare for those in need, regulating wall-street, supporting women’s rights and the GBLT community. Furthermore, he does not blame 47% of Americans for our economic problems. He does not invest in foreign oil and pay 14% tax on capital gains. In addition,President Barrack Obama understands and appreciates immigrants who come to America, looking for an opportunity. Governor Romney is a man of privilege; he has lied to the public over and over. He pays less tax than the average American and endorses Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin. I would never vote for Romney. Race does not matter. Qualifications do matter and President Obama is the man for the job.”

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