3 comments on “Bruce Backs President Obama – Gerard…This One Is For You!

  1. Mike,
    Thank you for Bill Clinton and Bruce Springsteen; I enjoyed both and it made me read al your blogs with special interest! By the way; I have to admit that reading al your blogs is costing me a lot of time because I don’t understand all the American bills and taxes etc. Also my english isn’t my “home-language” so my tempo in reading is slow, but ……. I’ll try and do my best.
    Your music is still compelling to me; today I heard the music of Jamey Johnson (‘In Colour”) and I like it; it’s new to me and I will try to listen to his new CD, Living For A Song.

    Since I’m retired I have to divide my time between family, friends, voluntary jobs and doing some PC-work, so I have to admit that last weeks I had few time to listen and read your blog but I still like it.
    Thank you for your work on it.

    Best Wishes and regards

  2. Good Afternoon Mike,
    As a reaction to your blog about Springsteen backing up Barack Obama; on Dutch tv next tuesday there will be a broadcast under the title “Always Something”. This opinionprogram will show the “run-up” of the American elections by the eyes of Bruce Springsteen. (citation: “This American Rocklegend
    casts himself increasingly as conscience of America” end of citation).
    “In 2008 Bruce Springsteen was very active in supporting Barack Obama, in 2011 and the beginning of 2012 he was very quiet, but when re-election was uncertain he decided to help by performances in Swing States”.
    Reporter Alje Kamphuis followed the road of the book “A Roadtrip in 14 Songs; The America of Bruce Springsteen” (a Dutch book from René Sommer and Bob Bronshof)
    Alje Kamphuis travels the US of A and he meets people about who Bruce Springsteen sings and who will have to help Barack Obama to a re-election.

    I will record this broadcast and will try to send it to you. But as you know, I’m not a professional in recording music and tv broadcasts, so….. I’ll do my best. BTW if you have some suggestions about the recording (like making it suitable for US tv’s) I love recommandations!

    Kind Regards
    Your music friend Gerard

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