2 comments on “Forty Years Ago Today – Jan/Feb/Mar 1974 Album Releases

  1. Mike,
    You had some spare time 🙂 🙂 ??
    It’s wonderful this saga of bands and singer/songwriters. Most of them I know. partly from earlier blogs from you and most of them because I’m somewhat the same age and back here in the Neteherlands we were in for music from the States and good old England.
    I will listen to all of it and take my time for it!
    By the way, in earlier days, Joni Mitchell certainly wasn’t my favorite, but nowadays I more listen to the combination of tekst and music and somehow it has more mening to me (not to forget “my knowledge of English” has developed I hope 🙂 🙂 )
    Sadder and wiser and also more sensitive for music!

    Your friend Gerard

  2. Gerard,

    I look forward to you feedback on the tracks once you’ve had a chance to listen. I was a late convert to Joni as well but her lyrics really touch my heart at this point in my life.

    On a different topic, last night I watched a short 30 minute documentary about Bruce’s latest album, High Hopes. I think you would really enjoy it so I’m hoping it will eventually be available on TV in the Netherlands. Sometimes these things pop up on YouTube…..I will post it on the Blog if that happens.

    Hope you are well.

    Your Friend,


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