2 comments on “Should Have Made It – Brothers and Sisters

  1. Mike,

    Here I am again after taking care of my stepmother (88 years) who has dementia preacox and is wandering.
    I just listened to both cd’s from Brothers And Sisters ……. what a pity that they don’t make music anymore (or is it?). I like their music very much (that’s the way for an old “hippie”) and bought both cd’s.
    It’s remarkable that only one cd (Fortunately) can be bought at Amazon. However I could even buy their first cd (Brothers And Sisters) at Bol.com in the Netherlands.
    My wife and daughter both like this music too, so while I’m writing to you, their music is playing and I’m enjoying it.
    Thank you for your story about them. BTW their site is “half dead” 🙂

    Kind regards

    • Hi Gerard,

      Nice to hear from you again. You have a knack of posting a comment just when I need some encouragement. I have been feeling down about the blog recently and your comment helped me feel better!

      Once again you and I find ourselves in similar situations. Each of my parents have been in the hospital during the last three months and it has been my responsibility to step up and take care of them. I don’t know about you but it really feels strange to me to have the parent/child roles start to reverse as my parents get older.

      I am sure that it is quite a challenge to take care of a parent with dementia preacox so I will keep you in my thoughts.

      I am really glad that you like Brothers and Sisters. I think they are super talented. My favorite song of theirs is Going South. Maybe I like it so much because it is about the part of the US that I live in!

      Thanks again for your comments and continuing support for this blog!


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