One comment on “Favorite New Years Song #6 – The New Year

  1. Mike,
    While listening to your Liefdesliedjes I was asking myself if you had some interesting reactions on this “take” ??

    We had a beautiful Christmas (in Holland that are two days) with my family. They stayed with us from Christmas eve till today and I just waved them goodbye. The weather was rather soft (about 10 degrees Celsius) and pitifull there was no snow, so no white Christmas for us.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too with your father back at home again and I assume you have your winterholiday now?

    In the Netherlands many people now do enjoy their winterholiday while skiing in Austria, Switzerland, Germany or France. In Holland we only have the “Dutch Mountains” (about 500 meters high 🙂 ) so there is no opportunity to ski.


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