2 comments on “Underachievers #3 – Alive and Kicking

  1. Willard,
    You’re a brother in music; when i first heard this song (Crimson and Clover) i was flabbergasted. I too heard it on a holiday camp at Luxemburg on my first transistor radio (Radio Luxemburg was very famous that days). Most of my friends didn’t like it, but i …. well i mostly liked the music because my english was awfull so i didn’t recocnize the lyrics. Nowadays I sometimes play this number when I’m alone at the house (and i play it loud, very loud!)
    Thank you for your music choice and by the way, did you get some reactions on Hocus Pocus??


    • Hi Gerard,
      I agree we must be musical brothers. It is an amazing coincidence that us both hearing Crimson and Clover in exactly the same way on Transistor Radios at camp! I am also with you in that is is best listened to loud….

      I wish I could tell you that I got a lot of comments about Hocus Pocus but I didn’t. To be honest, my biggest disappointment about the blog is the small number of comments, other than yours, that I get.

      I am really appreciative of your frequent comments! They help keep me motivated to continue posting.


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