2 comments on “This Is Post Number 700 (50,000 Views/Visitors From 148 Countries)

  1. Mike,

    Wonderfull, all those folks from countries all around the world, wandering with you! It’s like Forrest Gump, running across the US of A but not alone ( :):):) )
    I still like your posts, even it’s political or about the lonely citizen on Tianman Square (how very very much courageous of one man!) The combination of stories behind the music, the music itself, some American politics and the special stories of people like the Tianman Square man make everytime my day!

    I’ve been away with my wife on a trip through Europe for 4 weeks (Luxemburg, Germany, France and Belgium), ending at the (Belgian) Werchter Rock festival (at my age 🙂 ) On stage were amongst others Seasick Steve, The Simple Minds and a marvellous show of the good old Rolling Stones.

    Today I started to read your blog again and I discovered that Í’ll have to do some extra/extra “work” to keep up to your hopefully never-ending story.

    By the way, your blog is so much encouraging that I can’t let it go without some comments, so you don’t have to thank me for that; it’s because your blog is inspiring!

    Your friend,

    • Gerard,

      Great to hear from you. Hope you had a wonderful trip…the rock festival sounds great! I would have loved to see the Stones (even at their advanced age 🙂 )

      Thanks so much for the music you sent my way. I’m looking forward to having time to listen to it during our three day 4th of July weekend in the States. As usual, I will post my thoughts once I listen.

      Your Friend,

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