2 comments on “Vonder and Bloom – Some Great Dutch Music

  1. Hi Mike,

    My small comment about Vonder & Bloom;

    Nina Ebbenhout and Caroline Ouwendijk both were on their way to a scoutingevent of musical talents when they met on a streetcar in Amsterdam. Talking to each other they recognised their fascination for music. One of the ladies, being educated at a conservatory, I think it was Caroline, plays the piano and organ, Nina plays the guitar and both ladies have a formidable/beautiful voice and their voices seem to blend perfectly.
    My visit to their small concert as part of their theatre-tour was instigated by my daughter. Although we once had met Vonder & Bloom at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, I had no recollection of their music untill I heard their voices and their first act of the evening……. it was with an enormous passion that they sung and played their songs. (Strange that some voices and music seem to linger in one’s mind untill it get’s a wake-up call 🙂 )

    As I told you, I had met Vonder & Bloom for the first time at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam where they started their “Around The World In 80 Days” tour; here, in the public spaces, they played their songs and many people stopped to hear some of their numbers. Everybody who bought their album got a sticker to stick it to a world map; the result was that their album spread all over the world (126 countries).

    The nature of their music is a kind of melancholy folk. I’ll bet that there are also Americans who’ll have bought the album.

    • Gerard,
      Thanks so much for providing these additional details, and your personal observations, about Vonder and Bloom. I really appreciate you introducing me to their music and I hope that my post will help spread the word about them to others in the US and around the World.
      Your Friend,

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