One comment on “Forty Years Ago Today – Oct/Nov/Dec 1973 Album Releases

  1. Mike,
    It took me some time to listen to all the different music, while I was amazed about your choices. Is there a kind of “course” in your choices from the ’70’s ??
    Personally I didn’t like every choice of you, but most of it I like very much and it covered my musical choices from the ’70’s too. I think that the ’70’s music was my coming of age although music from the ’60’s had that same adultering effect on me.
    So it was a little feast in listening to – and reading of your blog.

    By the way, as you wrote, you had a fine short holiday so I hope that 2014 will be a fruitfull year for you in love, business and music.
    Thank you for your posts; I’ll enjoy them too in 2014 I hope.

    Your friend

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