5 comments on “Sunday Sessions #8 – James Taylor 1971

  1. Hi Mike,

    I was very interested of the BBC video of James Taylor, but ………….. my screen gave me the next message………….. “this video doesn’t exist” . A pity, but I’ll have a try at your monday-posting.

    Cheers from the Neteherlands.

    From your music-pal Gerard

    • Gerard,

      I can access the Video with no problems. I am wondering if I have stumbled into some type of country limitation. I am going to update the post and ask others to let me know if they also are unable to see the video. In addition, I will see if I can find a second source.

      I really hope you can see the Two Lane Blacktop movie I am posting tonight.



    • Gerard,

      I found an alternate version of the James Taylor show (unfortunately it is one where you have to watch an advertisement at the beginning). I put this alternate version at the bottom of yesterday’s post. Try it and let me know if it works any better for you.



  2. Mike,

    It’s a go! After all your first post came through; maybe there was an interference with my provider. Thank you for your effort. Nice music and lyrics. I like the music and voice of James Taylor.

    • Yeah! Glad it worked out. Please let me know if you ever have a similar problem….I will do my best to provide alternate versions.

      Be sure to check in on the blog later today. I have another great BBC capture of another amazing singer/songwriter from 1971.



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