One comment on “Two’Fer Tuesday – Under The Milky Way (Bonus Edition)

  1. Mike,

    I’ll have a first try…..
    it’s about my emotions; when I see the documentary of Simon & Garfunkel and I read the story of JFK and his brother and MLK and hear at the same time the music, lyrics en rhythm of some of the songs of these boys I’m “touched” .
    Touched by my questions about why people do kill other people, touched by my anger about it, touched by seeing the poverty of many people and the extreme richness of other people on the other hand and touched by the statement that I can’t do very much about it. So sadness prevails.
    At other times when I’m joyfull I like “rough” music with a strong rhythm and well written lyrics. And sometimes I like “against the wind” when I think about the period that I tried to find my own way of life (in my youth).
    Sometimes I like classical music, when I’m in a contemplating mood.

    It’s all about different emotions I think. Those emotions prescribe the outcome of my “liking”

    Hope it’s a start for the discussion. 🙂 🙂

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