2 comments on “Groups That Time Forgot – The Grass Roots

  1. Sir,

    Thank you for this post! I am in Afghanistan where my friends and I only recently discovered this wonderful group…

    I was working through the night on an intense war report and needed some distraction. Having heard “Midnight Confessions” in passing – on an oldies station – I looked up the song and finally saw who had sung it. The fact that Rob Grill also had a remarkable resemblance to a Marine friend here, had me send photos to other friends, who after we’d circulated a few pictures back and forth – have like me – all become fans of this remarkable band.

    It has lead me to write a small piece for a Military magazine on how despite the intensity and seriousness of the situations we sometimes face here, a little spark of inspiration can be provided from the most unexpected source… In this case the somewhat playful interaction between Entner and Grill, feeding off each others infectious spirits!

    My friends here and I have come to admire, appreciate and really enjoy their music… For me personally it’s incredibly sad to know the debilitating years Mr. Grill spent ill and then the loss of his son must have been the most painful thing he faced… May he rest in peace – making music with both his son and Rick Coonce, somewhere up there…

    In the meantime the music lives on through the amazing interactions of two creative young men – Entner and Grill – who made an almost obscure band – along with other immensely talented musicians – into the popular powerhouse it became!

    So thank you again for this wonderful acknowledgement,

    A new Grass Roots fan!!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. One of my favorite things in the world is helping people find new music so I am thrilled that you and your friends have discovered the amazing Grass Roots.

      Please keep reading this blog and help me make it better by continuing to comment about what you like and don’t like. Stay safe!


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