2 comments on “Thanksgiving

  1. Hee Mike,

    I’m a bit late with my reaction, but…Thank you for your blog and for the chances to listen to beautiful music and some fine lyrics. I hope you had a fine Thanksgiving and it gave you enough energy to keep on the interesting work on your blog.
    By the way, I think you’re giving me too much credits in your post. Your blog and your music and your political enthousiasm keeps me going on in visiting your blog, so the credits are yours!

    As a “thank you for your inspiration” I’ll try to send you some music from Solomon Burke & De Dijk.
    De Dijk (a Dutch group with a name that could be translated in The Dike, just important means for keeping the water outside the low countries) made a CD with Solomon Burke in Holland at the eve of his passing away at the airport of Schiphol/Amsterdam. RIP Solomon Burke.

    Kind Regards

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