2 comments on “Friday Word Of The Week #6 – Hurricane

  1. He Mike,
    What is going on in the US? From my position in the so-called socialist Europe I can’t see why people and nature aren’t the most important subjects on this globe. What is it, that some (many?) rightwing people in the US are afraid to lose?
    Back here in the Netherlands we’re trying to keep up with all people; rich and poor. And we’re trying (sometimes stumblng) to make a liveable life for everyone; coloured, white, old residents, fugitives, etc.
    Your video “God’s Bigots” gives me the creeps and at such strength, that my attention to your musical choices has temperorarily gone.

    By the way, since your story about your final playlist, I’m asking myself, there’s hopefully no fysical problem at your side? I am interested in your final playlist; it probably generates a picture of a person thinking about the last fase/period in somebody’s life and that would be meaningfull.
    If you don’t want to answer, skip the text and play on 🙂 🙂

  2. Mike,
    Some suggestions about Hurricane:
    * Levon Helm – Hurricane
    * Alabama Shakes – Hurricane Strut
    * Roxy Music – Like a Hurricane
    * Band Of Heathens – Hurricane
    * Paul Simon – Hurricane
    * Nils Lofgren – Like a Hurricane
    * Matchbox – Hurricane
    * Keith Richards – Hurricane
    * John Hiatt – Like a Hurricane
    * Jeff Healey – Like a Hurricane

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