2 comments on “The Southern California Sound (5) – Pickin Up The Pieces

  1. I saw Poco at Carnegie Hall in March 1971 and enjoyed them immensely. It was probably in support of the live album. My most vivid recollection of the show is Rusty Young playing the pedal steel on his knees like a madman.

    • Jim,
      Sorry to take so long to reply! I wish I could have been at the Carnegie Hall concert you mentioned, it sounds like it was one for the ages. You have to love Rusty Young. He carried the group on his back in the later years and was the major reason, in my opinion, that they continued to produced decent music.

      The only time I got to see Poco was around 1973 (for some reason I can’t find my ticket stub to verify the date) when they were third on a bill that included Linda Rondstadt as the headliner and the Eagles as the backup act. Poco stole the show.

      Please keep reading, listening and posting your comments.


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